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What's a real friend?

I think a real friend is someone who brings out the best in you. Someone who always there for you, even in hard times. Real friends are hard to find. You need look for a friend you can trust and have talents that you don't have. They could be older or younger and have different background or culture. Unfortunately, a real friend in this world is hard but you can find if you look for in right place.


How about you? What's a real friend for you?

25 янв. 2015 г., 0:07
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Real friends are family 


25 января 2015 г.

Maral, these words are enough:) Super!

25 января 2015 г.

A person you will be here for you, don`t judge or use you, who are able to forgive. 

25 января 2015 г.

A true friend
In the dictionary, a real friend doesn’t define and each person’s mind define it by different ways. The dictionary doesn't define a real friend. Each person must define a real friend in their own way. From my point of view , a real friend is someone who cherishes the moments spent together and the memories created while together. A True friendship is tested when you have nothing . When you are a bit short of money , the friend is always by your side, able to give money ….You can have many friends, but you only have one best friend . So, you appreciate this friendship . I admit that friendship is a relationship which takes time to build .So you start building from now . I think that building friendship is like planting a garden . If you want a beautiful garden , you have to have the best seed. Then, you are patient waiting for growth . Maybe it takes 1 month , 2 month or more .. ..I think that your wait is valuable because God will give a good tree which blooms into beautiful flowers for you . That is a real friendship .
Maybe , I am luckier than others because I have two true friends . They are Tam and Thu . Now , I am a freshman and live far from my family . When I miss my parents, Tam and Thu always stay with me and I am not sad, or alone. I am very grateful for them.

25 января 2015 г.

This is that person for me who says only truth. Responsible and will support to you everything and everywhere

25 января 2015 г.
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