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how working our brain ) what do you think about it?

i was watching interesting show about how our brain working ) it is so wonderful and extraordinary ... our brain saves a lot of information and trying to remember all that we see during the day if we find ourselves in a similar situation, we start using our memory in searching the answers ...we can think that we will thinking up something new,but in fact we just will using what we have seen before in the same situation)
for example: the man in this show was talk about the people which love to solve crosswords and puzzles, and the same time the screen was showing pictures) when the man finished , he invited on the scene a woman and asked her that she chosed the markers and painted animals on this sheet in the same sequence as he tells her..when she finished he took out the sheet with the same colored animals like she had in her sheet .)) why so happen? because during this show people looked pictures and their brain remembered all that it can see early in this show ...coz our brain always choosing the simple answers and these photos people saw animals in different situations like pazzle or just picture ...our brain remember and save even such things which seem we could not see during in our life..
that is why i think we can use our brain for remembering a lot of informations and new English words but we need use different methods ...and if we will need remembering the new word we can do it even we will think it is impossible )

  Maybe i did a lot of mistakes , maybe i was not able to fully reveal my mind) but it is my first long topic for improving my English ..and if you wanna correct me it)

Jan 25, 2015 3:53 PM
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Wow! that is fantastic.

I know everybody has his/her own tricks of remembering words and other things. I know a lot of tricks, using pictures to remember things is so great maybe you can use it too. It is simple and funny, you can remember even 20 different things just in few seconds. It works, but needs a lot of practising.


I think you made it big.

you don't have to worry about mistakes, just do it.

keep up at it.

January 25, 2015

you're welcome.

January 25, 2015

thank you Seif )you are right... your answer is good) i agree with you) and i know this trick about you wrote)

January 25, 2015
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