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Nordic music

Could you please recommend me some Nordic (Scandinavian) folk music?

Jan 25, 2015 4:14 PM
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Moritz, I can't thank you enough!

January 27, 2015

I once heard Kongero, four women who sing old Swedish song a cappella, and I quite liked them. 

Here you can hear some of their tracks

January 25, 2015

Only covering Swedish music here... 

I quote and translate what Mirjam from Uppsala had the courtesy of writing up for us Swedish-learners:

"Some tips for good bands are these: Hedningarna, Norrlåtar, Frifot, Garmarna, Väsen and Jonas Knutsson. But the best interpretations of Swedish songs that I've heard have been done by the Austrian Band Hotel Palindrone!"




My own favourites are Svanevit and Triakel from the very south and the very north of Sweden. Here's half of Svanevit playing a tune without lyrics:

Their singer sounds very agreeable too. This is Triakel singing a song about a freezing sparrow in wintertime:

January 25, 2015

Something I like from Finland

January 27, 2015

Something I only just realised: the two musicians whom I referred to as "half of svanevit" call themselves Dråm. I had thought that was the name of that piece!

This is all of Svanevit:

The singer does tralling here, which is similar to jodling, technique-wise. Only it sounds better. I recommend their album "rikedom och gåvor", the texts are included in English and German too...

January 27, 2015
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