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The Particle Go With Predicative Adjectives In Irish

Recently, I heard "deas" instead of "go deas" used predicatively in an Irish song. Several people nicely commented on my question and explained that it can actually be just "deas" instead in some parts of Ireland. I found this Wiki article today that confirms. I am sharing the link here so other Irish learners have the full story about the language instead of the only story painted in the grammar books we get here in the States. Anyhow, according to Wiktionary, in Ulster Irish, they usually drop the "go" particle. Cool. :)

Jan 25, 2015 6:20 PM
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Good job!

Just one thing to note: the phrase "Tá mé go maith" is used in Ulster as well. Here "go" is added to the adjective "maith" = "good" to form an adverb "go maith" = "well", just as in English (and many other languages) you say "I am well" rather than "I am good" in response to the question "How are you?".

January 26, 2015

Thanks, Coligno. :)

January 27, 2015

Oooops. I meant to type "according to Wikipedia", not Wiktionary.

January 27, 2015

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January 26, 2015
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