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Message  from my father.



“People are born and die every single second in this World. I know it hurts to loose someone but sometime we have nothing to do. I’m the one among million people in this world who took a long time till I came to realize that I have to move on and believe that no one will live forever on the surface of the Earth. People loose their beloved ones, so did my father?”.  I heard the voice of my inner soul talking those words while I was still on the bed that morning. I woke up and brought back my father memories. I can never forget such kind of caring person, who always loved Me. I remember one day my father told me that “being a hero it doesn’t mean you must fight in many battles and kill a lot of people, a super-hero is someone who can manage to keep every person he/she loves around no matter what happens”. “so is that means I have to remember you every second father?,  it hurts” I kept on talking to myself.

I stood up and got out to see a beautiful sun in the beautiful morning, I always love to see a sunrise. To be honest I was so tired that day, my father memories kept me feel stressed and alone.  So I decided to go in his stuffs which I swore I will never touch them. I felt that I couldn’t stop myself from those stuffs. Back then I didn’t want to see my father’s picture and other things again, I knew those are the only things that made me to remember him so much and felt like I was with him. So I didn’t want to loose him again.

Out of the blue! I came to this old paper which was folded like dumped paper, I decided to open it and found it was my father writing. I kept on staring without reading even a single word. That paper made me remember many letters I received from him, they were cool and I felt loved when I read.

That paper was old and had a lot of folds even if I tried to unfold it many times. I kept on wondering why my father hid that paper in his secrets stuffs, I felt that it has something special in it. I couldn’t  stop myself from reading that paper, that was with beautiful red writing.

That paper says ““ To my lovely child.  I know that I’ll never live forever but my soul will still be there watching over you. I know you are the one of the beautiful child I have ever heard before. You made me feel the love in the enthusiastic World. You are my family, my everything. Even if I’m far away from you and I’ll never come back, I want you to be strong and remember that people can die but love always still there . My son, you are very brave, listener and very intelligent person. I knew it even when you were still a little kid, I’m proud of you. Keep in touch with people and love them, because life is all about love. Be strong and happy, don’t forget what I told you before that “ Happiness is your responsibility, but you will never be happy if every person you care about, every one you love is so sad. So make your friends happy and everyone you love, you will get your own happiness in return”. You will never make someone happy while you still crying, so I beg you, just forget about me and move on. I know you have a lot of things to do, you have to change the world.””

Jan 25, 2015 7:07 PM
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You can say that again Natalia.


we have to accept and move on. They always be in our hearts, even if our soul still cries.

January 25, 2015

such a nice story, Seif! Your father was a wise person.  

We always keep  our loved ones in our hearts even if they are not with us anymore. 

January 25, 2015

it is very kind, touching story. Your father was a very wise man, I know how hard it is to lose loved ones, but you're right, they will remain forever in our hearts ..

January 25, 2015

I agree with you Yana.

January 25, 2015
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