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Exercise basic

Example 1:

- It's a book.

It is a book.


1- It's a book.

2- He's Dick Johnson.

3- Where's the magazine.

4- What's this?

5- He's talking.

6- What's he doing?

7- Who's he?

8- Where's the pen?

9- He's walking.

10- It's on the desk.


Example 2:

The book is on the desk.

It is on the desk


1- The book is on the desk.

2- John Green is writing.

3- The pen is on the table.

4- The pencil is on the magazine.

5- Dick Johnson is talking.

6- The newspaper is on the desk.

7- Tom Baker is walking.

8- The teacher is reading.

9- The notebook is on the chair.

10- The pencil is on the notebook.



Jan 25, 2015 11:12 PM
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