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Chelsea Chen
Finding someone to go Vietnam together!

You may say I am insane, but I was told it would be better if you go to Vietnam to work together with a bf, but I don't have one now. So I need to find one to go there with me. Then I will feel better. hah

Jan 27, 2015 9:02 AM
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There was an American hard-blues group in the 60's, 'Canned Heat' (well, they sill exist, the band. ) .

Their best known song is their version of 'on the road agian'
( )

but they also has a not that great song, named 'Let's work together'
( ).
Still, it always makes me optimistic and sometimes makes me dancing (no, i don't like to work:))

So, Chelsea, what happened 4 hours ago, is that I immediately associated your question with the later song, listened to both (in the reverse order), and yes, danced for a while.

January 27, 2015

And I will definitely find someone who I really love or I wont. I would rather have none than have a bad one.

January 27, 2015

hey guys, it's just an imagination. My friend told me you'd better find a bf and then go work there. Because they are afraid I would be alone there, hhah, sorry for the misunderstanding, what you said is also want I believe. I am not that crazy or desperate to find a bf now. Hha I am actually a very independant girl. I can go there alone, but it would definitely nice if someone to go along. Thanks guys

January 27, 2015

Kevin, why?
It looks quite straighforward, but the logic looks flawless....

'to work together' is a nice reason to look for a bf:) Not as good as 'to love', but at least better and funnier than it happens:/

January 27, 2015


u should try to believe urself and be confident~~~

be independent !!

man, sometimes is not reliable ~~~


January 27, 2015
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