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Fictional story

This story might seem sad to some. Their relation began with difficulties from the beginning. Their first meeting occurred at the university party and both were tried to escape(avoid) of straight meetings of eyes. What was the reason? None of them could give a direct answer. They were brought up to hate each other by their parents. Long ago some rivalry began between their families because of business. And that rivalry turns into real struggle for getting advantage of one family over another. The struggle of these families end up with lots of murders from both sides. Finally they decided to make a conscious peace and give up the bloodshed but envy and wish of complete destroy is still exist in both hearts. These guys are descendants of those families, whose anger persuade everybody that it's better to love each other than to struggle the whole life only for money and advantage over others. And who knows how it will end?  

Jan 27, 2015 10:16 AM
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