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What's the most effective way to learn English?

What's the most effective way to learn English?
I've been reciting the movie lines every night for a year but I got such small progress.
Does anybody could share some experience? How did you make it?

Jan 28, 2015 10:31 AM
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- Read ebooks in English (on a phone or tablet) in an app that has an integrated dictionary, so you can quickly translate the words you don't know.

- Watch movies and TV shows in English with English subtitles. Your brain will quickly make the connection between the written words and the sounds. Pause from time to time to translate the words that you don't know.

- Read the news or other articles in English and translate the words that you don't know. DO NOT copy and paste whole blocks of text into Google Translate. It's a very bad habit and you will learn nothing from it.

- If possible, chat/talk to a person that speaks good/native English. If that person also speaks your native language, they can't give you better explanations.

January 28, 2015

English songs, movies, series

and practise with people 

January 28, 2015

Read book and find English friends :D I've been through it and I improved amazingly fast.

January 28, 2015

Like the Chief Interpreter of the UN, who speaks some 30 languages, said: Just throw yourself into the culture! Watch films, read articles or books (a dictionary is good to have if you need one), and then look for a language partner, with which to talk, talk, talk. Either that or travel to the US or whichever English-speaking countryy depending on what accent you want to adopt. That's the way to learn a language!

January 28, 2015


   There can be said to be   two  kinds of vocabulary.

#1   The first kind is the vocabulary, in English,  consisting of all of the words in the language.


 All of the Vocabulary is what you will not be able to work with, because it is entirely to complex and vast.


#2   The second kind of vocabulary is the Working Vocabulary.

It consists of words that you already know,   and can use with some degree of success to form complete sentences which express complete ideas.


   What you need to work with is your own "Working Vocabulary"  

which can be gradually expanded.   This avoids a specific difficulty. 

It eliminates the need to try to learn   a    vast array of the words

in  the English Language,  before you begin to write or say anything with clarity.


  Thus, by using a foundation which you have firmly established, 

you can gradually improve your ability  until you obtain to a mastery of the language.

It is not so difficult as it may seem.


 Just remember;  there are perhaps many more ineffective ways to study a language,

than there are effective ways to study a language.




January 28, 2015
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