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Learn English through my short Stories 3

Grand Mother is the most important person in my life. I could say those words two years ago when she was still alive. Back then when I was a little kid I did not get a chance to stay in touch with her because she left town when my mom was about to get birth. She came home now and then but I was not there, I was at school, I went to Boarding School.

One morning I was with my mom outside our house, I loved to stay with my mom all the time and listening to her voice singing “Mashahiri” (swahili poems). She was good at it, I felt the inner joy and listen carefully to everything she was just singing. Sometimes I felt like I am in the middle of nowhere thinking a lot of things in my life. Even now I like “Mashahiri” and I write it every single day.

In front of us I saw a woman coming in our side, at first I did not pay attention because she was about four yards from us. My mom continued to sing her “Mashairi”, but I was not paying attention any more.

My eyes were staring to that woman, she was very closer to us now, I can say it was about three feet from where Me and mom were. That woman seemed so older, I can say even twice of my mother age. She had completely white hair, and her face was full of wrinkles. But she seemed stronger even more than many young women in our village. She wore “Khanga” all over her body, “Khanga” is the most popular dressing in Tanzania. Now she came very closer and closer to us. My mother did not notice her coming, she was obsessed in her “Mashairi”.

That woman came near us and greeted us “Hamjambo?” Swahili greeting means “How are you?”. It is so hard to find someone speaks English in Tanzania and older women like her do not know English at all.

So we replied “Hatujambo” means “We are fine”, and added “Shikamoo!”  That is the greeting given to older people, and she replied “Marahaba”.

My mom came to her attention and she was so happy to see her, she welcomed her and gave her a Stool to sit.

“Do you know this woman?” Mother asked Me. I took a few second to remember where I saw her “She does not even ring a bell” I replied.

Ooh! He was very young last time he saw me, that woman said. “She is your grand Mother”, My mother said. “Grand Mother?”, I asked as if I wanted to ensure that I heard correctly. “Yeah!”, Mother replied with amusement on her face. I kept on staring to her as if I saw something strange.

“Mume wangu Hunifahamu mkeo?”, (My husband, you do not know even your wife) My Grand Mother joked, and I said “I know you but today you are so beautiful than usually” we all laughed.

From that day I came to know the love of Grand Mother. I remember her today like I am with her, I cannot forget those days when she was telling us a lot of stories. She was very nice and caring woman I can say More than my Mother. I remember she was always on my side even when My mother wanted to beat me.

I will love her forever.

Jan 28, 2015 10:59 AM
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As usually, nice and touching story. I like the way you write.  Maybe next time you will tell us “Mashahiri”))

January 29, 2015

Thanks Natalia.

you are always kind to me.

I will carry on writing, I promise.

January 28, 2015

very beautiful, kind, nice story) you write good stories , and i hope you will continue, coz i like to read them ) and i wish you good luck , go ahead and write more).

January 28, 2015

Don't worry Yana.


I'll try.

January 29, 2015
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