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Ho Guom lake probably is the most famous place in Hanoi city. the lake will be a ideal place to relax if you visit Hanoi. Each year , it attracts many visitor who come from many different countries , cultures and languages.
My university near the lake so I usually jog around here to find visitors . I want to talk them about human , famous place, famous food in Vietnam .It enabled me to improve my speaking English skill. The visitors usually said that they like living in Vietnam because Vienam is a peacy country , Vietnamese are very friendly , helpful , kind...but they hate traffic jam in Vietnam. Traffic in Vietnam is so dangerous. I talked a woman named Carole . She is from England . She is 68 years old . She has a long , white hair .She travels to Vietnam to relax . Because she is old to work now and she is retired. She asked me some questions such as :
" Is there anything else I can help you with"
"How many brothers or sisters do you have ?''
"The girls dress up . Are they graduates from university ?"
" Would you like a cup of tea in the cafe"
She said " You need more practice but you are doing very well"
She talked me about her family . Her son lives in Thailand and works in Malaysia.Her daughter is teacher and lives in Tokyo.
The second visitor who I talked to in Ho Guom Lake is a man . He is 49 years old . He is teacher at university in Vietnam . The university's name is Bach khoa. He comes from England . He has lived alone in Vienam for 2 years and his family lives in England . On his holiday , he usually travel to Thailand, Myanma, Campuchia ... He doesn't return England . I asked him reason why he go back England to visit his family . He said that they keep touch with by social networking site such as Facebook ... Although he has lived in Vietnam for 2 years he cannot speak Vietnamese . He said that he like living in Vietnam and joying around the lake to relax.

Jan 28, 2015 12:53 PM
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