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agree or disagree? internet provides us valuable information or useless information?

Nowadays people are on the horns of a dilemma which is severe, that is, whether the internet is doing them a favor by providing lots of precious information or not. Yet is this much information valuable or useless? From my point of view, I postulate that the internet provides us with a lot of valuable information. I would like to reinforce my opinion by three significant reasons. Some of these informations are scientific, there are psychological information between them and there we can access a lot of precious information about literature.


On top of that, information is scientific. For example, last year I was working on my BA's thesis where I encountered a problem. I searched the net for more updated information and I came up with some interesting and creative solutions. As it goes without saying the internet provided a lot of scientific information which are valuable for those who know how to use them.

Aside from the point I made above another point that is worth mentioning is that, there are psychological information on the internet.For example, last year I found myself totally depressed, I could not go to work or study as always. I guessed there may be a problem with me soul. So I decided to search the internet for some information due to the clues I had about my problem. I came up with some professors who had some information on their websites. There were also some technics and some remedies for healing the problem too. So I used them and I got healed. As it goes without saying, the internet provided me some precious information about my problem and healed me.

Finally, there is a lot of precious information about literature.For example, some years ago I was really into literature. But in my country, I could not find a source for reading those marvelous novels. So I decided to search the internet for them. i found a library and paid some fee. I was allowed to use their books whenever I wanted. I could feed my spirit by reading those books from the internet. So as it goes without saying internet made my sprit fresh by providing me some really good sources of literature novels.

In a word, owing to aforementioned causes and elucidations described above, it appears to be reasonable to draw the well-founded conclusion that, internet provides people with some valuable information because, some of this information is scientific, there are psychological information between them and there we can access a lot of precious information about literature. Society should invest in this gold mine by making it speedier and easier for all the people to get access. So all the people will be able to get whatever they want and boost their sprit and add more to the science. Does anybody want a society with people who know nothing about science and culture?

Jan 28, 2015 2:54 PM
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