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What do you do if your friend borrowed your money and forgeted it

( Please correct if i have mistake in this graph ) 

My friend borrow me for some money. It not too much but it important with me. 

When i ask him. He just move his deadline and try escaping from me. What should i do in this case ?


29 يناير 2015 15:51
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I will ask him to give back the money because it is mine not him. And remember to not lend your money to him again. i never lend my money to my friends even my close friend, i made a lot of excuses. My experience about this, whether i lend money to my friend or not they will still talk behind me. 1st. Due the timeline of return, if they can't able to return on time they will try to escape from me so i might be able to lose my money and friend and 2nd. If i not lending my money they just hate me on short time but i don't lose either my money or my friend.

29 يناير 2015

Thanks for your advice. He is my friend in University.  But we are waiting for graduate in next month. 

I use wrong word : "deadline". That only use in working ? I mean : he promised but he didn't pay and promised again :(

29 يناير 2015


My friend borrowed some money from me. it wasn't too much but it's important to me. When I aksed him about it, He just moved his - what do you mean by deadline here? i couldn't get - and tried to escape - or got away - from me.

And about the answer of your question, is he one of your close friends? how much do you know him? I recommend you to trust himself and give him more time, maybe he doesn't have enough money already, I experienced situation like this :)

But if after a couple of weeks nothing happened, then don't be shy and ask him to give back your money, face to face, completely frankly :)

I hope this can help you.

29 يناير 2015

Lesson learned. You not going to lend money to this guy anymore.

29 يناير 2015

It is really difficult to lend money to whom you have personal relationship with (family, friends etc.). The best thing you can do if they don't pay you (after you've asked them to) is to learn from it and not lend them money again. Just in case you'd lend money next time, you can have a promissory note notarized so that it would be a legal business transaction.

30 يناير 2015
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