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compromising your identity when entering a new culture-sphere.

There are so many reasons for people to start a new language, fashion, food, name it. Despite the diversity in what made you start, we are here all for one same goal, to perfect that/those language(s). However in order to make improvements in languages, learners eventually will have to get to know that culture as well, and find a place and a perspective in that culture, if not entirely emersed in it.

So here comes my question/curiosity, have you ever entered a completely different culture and realized that somehow you lost your own judgement to what to take or reject, felt blind and vulnerable and easily swayed or affected by those so called mass opinions, thus hyponotized into something you absolutely would have detested if it was in your own culture?

For instance, you are a person who totally hates boy bands, and somehow as you talk to more and more people from the culture of which language you are learning, you started to listen to the counterparts in this certain culture setting, more and more people tell you that this certain group is so big and you should totally listen to them....then one day it hit you that your phone is stuffed with mediocre, overly sentimental jukes from this group, and you now are the person you use to despise, it all happened because you dived right in when you had no proper judgement to assess the situation. 


its for any language really

30 gen 2015 15:25
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Well that never happened to me,but maybe it happens to younger people (I am rather older than you ;-) So perhaps I am not so easily swayed,or influenced in my tastes,as I am more set in my ways.For example I cannot imagine that I would suddenly start to listen to boy bands. However,I do listen to different kinds of music and songs that students recommend to me,and sometimes I even like some of those singers (like Taylor Swift for example) even though they belong to "a different generation".But that is not really a matter of culture,I think.

30 gennaio 2015
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