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Notes in Spanish podcast

Just curious if anyone here has purchased the worksheets from the podcast Notes in Spanish.


Was thinking about it but wanted to know if it's worth it or not.



31 Oca 2015 20:14
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Well given that you mention Notes in Spanish I assume you've alread seen this discussion...


There are other links there that are free & good.


I watched all of the Extra videos on youtube with Spanish subs.  Here's the first one...


I watched all of the Destinos videoes with Spanish subs.  Here's the entire library (they start slow, too much English but quickly become all Spanish)


All of the units on this site are free & useful.


This site has a crazy amount of infomation.

31 Ocak 2015

I've listened to some of their podcasts, but haven't purchased anything from them. What's you spanish level currently? The advice I would give would depend largely on that. 

31 Ocak 2015

Awesome, thanks for those Dave. Imma definitely check them out.



31 Ocak 2015

Thanks for your input Dave. Do you have any suggestions for free resources?

31 Ocak 2015

Seems unnecessary to me.  There are literally tons of free Spanish lessons on the net so you shouldn't need to buy anything Bradley.

31 Ocak 2015
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