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SHEFFIELD in England

I have the project to spend one year in this city and I'm very interesting about learning about this city by its inhabitant or people that know about this city.


Thank you :) 

Jan 31, 2015 9:17 PM
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Yes, they have the University of Sheffield, which has been a university since 1905, and is fairly presitigious. It is one of Britain's well-respected Victorian 'red-brick' universities.


There is also Sheffield Hallam, which only became a university in 1992. If you have a choice of which to go to.... do you know the expression 'a no-brainer'?

February 1, 2015

I heard that Sheffield has got 2 universities, is this true ? 

February 1, 2015

Thanks you all for your input. Indeed I heard that it used to be a steel manufacture city, so I guess it should have stuff related to that part of this history in the city right ?

I didn't know the prices were cheap.. I'm even more exciting to do my Erasmus there now!

What does exacty make difference with students of Sheffield university ?

January 31, 2015

People in Yorkshire are very friendly. It is also quite cheap to live there. Sheffield used to be a major industrial town where they manufactured steel until the 70's and 80's, but that has stopped now. It is a large city in the UK, probably in the top 5 or 6 biggest, and is a popular university town for students. I have friends who have studied there, and they all really liked it so I think you will enjoy it there.

January 31, 2015

I don't know very much about the place; but I have to say, I really like the sound of Yorkshire accents.

January 31, 2015
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