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Chris P.
Cuisine and Culture

Ok non-native speakers...try to read and respond to this in English.


One part of our every day lives that reflects heavily in our culture is our cuisine. We can tell a lot about ourselves by what we eat and drink. For instance, in fast-paced urban environments, expensive, on-the-go coffee shops are very popular.


I live in the southeastern United States, aka "The South". Here, we eat a disproportionately large amount of fried foods, such as chicken, and fatty foods, such as gravy and mashed potatoes (with butter) We also drink sweet beverages, such as sweet tea (iced tea with lots and lots of sugar!). In fact, most people in the South say there is no such thing as too much sugar in sweet tea! I believe this reflects our laid-back culture and is an example of how we put an emphasis on enjoying our waay of life. We also enjoy social time, as tea here serves the same purpose as it does in the UK.


In English, tell me about how food and beverage in your country represents or reflects your culture!

Feb 1, 2015 1:59 AM
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Hi Chris.

My name is Abraham Park From south Korea. 

9 years ago I came here but I didn't study English. 

I'm an artist and maintenance guy for sushi restaurants.

Our main food is rice In Korea

Our food need effort to make And take time to completed.

I think korean food is very healthy. 

Someday, make chance to eat Korean food especially Korean BBQ.

l believe that you will say Yummy!!

talk to later. 

Now I'm going to best buy to buy mp3 to study English. 

Thank you


February 1, 2015

Nice to meet you, Abraham! I grew up with a family from South Korea that lived in my neighborhood and their food was delicious! From what I've seen, the food such as rice that takes such effort to make is certainly a reflection of the hard-working people who cook and enjoy it.


Good luck with your English studies! I would love to help. If you're interested, sign up for a trial session for only 10 ITC to see if you like my teaching style. I'm certain I can provide you with an excellent experience in the language! Talk to you soon!

February 1, 2015
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