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David Hernandez
Lovely people around the world

This summer I had a family trip to Colombian, in South Amerika.And also first time in a really long time I got to see the rest of my beloved family.

As a guy that have almost only been influced by swedish tradition.I wasn't use and didn't even care much about the way they called eachother. Untill the last day of the journey and we where at the airport ready to leave. A older women I never met before comes upp to me, and calls me ''cariño - affection, fondness'', then askes me if i can watch her suitcase for one minute. I responded sure. Then i realise that most of the people in south amerika call eachother lovingly words.

And i remembered that As a little child my mother always called me ''mi perito - my little puppy'' or ''mi enanito - my little dwarf'' (sounds alot better in spanish xD).

Meanwhile in Colombia all my aunts called me ''mi amor - my love'', ''hijo - son'', And a man in his tweenties Called me cousing. etc

The only strange one was my own father calling mig brother... problably becasue he had not seen me in like 6 years and was kind of used to call other people that.

They definitly are the most lovely people i have ever met. They made me feel like i had been one of them for years, not just my family but by everyone i met.
As a person not used to this, I felt warm and happy inside hearing

Here in Sweden people are nice and helpful, but it's really not the same, they feel more cold somehow.

On the other side have heard some people say dear and love in the English language but not sure if its used often though. 


I wonder how any of you feel and thinks about this? What words are usually used in your language?

And for you all that have traveld around, which people showed you most love and care and how did they treat you?


Feb 2, 2015 6:48 PM
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Latinoamericano en Suecia... Aparte del clima frío, tienes que convivir con una cultura diferente. Espero que tus genes colombianos sean más fuertes, y que siempre te acuerdes del cariño de tu gente.

En Uruguay se usa mucho mi querido,mi querida, mi amor, linda,lindo,cielo, es un tierno,es un amor.

Y la gente se besa al encontrarse, se abraza, no es como en algunos países de Europa o en Estados Unidos,que te extienden la mano.

Saludos y buena suerte.


February 2, 2015

Awww...  que tierno.

Acá entre gente conocida o desconocida se usa la frase "mi niña" o "mi niño". Es una forma cariosa de pedir favores sobre todo.

February 2, 2015
David Hernandez
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