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Anna Me
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Please check it out! Modern Russian language and culture for Instagram users.

Hi everyone!


Please check out my profile for Russian learners on Instagram: 15secondsofrussian ( - if you're not using instagram but still interested)


o The aim of the account is to incorporate language learning into your smartphone (tabloid) routine and get you more familiar to the country and people.

o The content is selected basing on the language. We don't include any famous quotes unless you can widely use or hear them in everyday speech.

o All the posts contain English subtitles and Russian scripts.

o If you still a beginner, you can start with reading the descriptions, which are very informative and fun.


There are two types of posts:

1) #bitsofrussia is more about modern (more or less) Russian culture and people. It involves information about Russian music, recent events, traditions, famous people, movies (such as Leviathan movie), etc. From the 15 seconds you'll get the first impression and then google on about the issue you're interested in.

2) #russianonrepeat is a bit more about language; there are short looped phrases from the same content, which you'll be able to repeat, memorize and use daily. 


Thanks for signing up!




Feb 2, 2015 9:14 PM
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Отлично! Мне нравится контент и формат.

Удачи вам!

February 4, 2015
Anna Me
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