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About workaholics

Do you like your job? 
Do you like to work for 12 hours a day ? if it's okay for you, can you work for 6 days a week?

I loved my job...I was a Aesthetician untill Yesterday.

I worked for 12 hours a day...almost everyday.
and my day off is only every sunday.

However, I was fun with work...because My colleagues and clients are really nice people.


some friends said "it is crazy" " You should get good salary more"

but I was ok with that because I just wanted to work with colleagues.


in fact, My parents worried about me a lot...because of my job...and I am 31 years old.

they worried me to get married or not.

and stress exploded.  I didn't know How much I had a stress.

and I realized..."oh, Maybe I was a workaholic?"


I feel down when I saw my is really messy.

a lot of clothes on a floor. a lot of dishes in a sink...


I quit job to be back Me.


oh well, Many people is like this. and I don't judge anything about them.

I just prefer want to walk slowly in my life.

A lot of Japanese are kind of workaholic.

sadly, it is like a Japanese culture.


What do you think about it?
and What do you want to choose?

I just want to know about your opinion.




Feb 3, 2015 5:07 AM
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Maiko... Here is my suggestion. If you like the work you do and if you like to work with your colleagues, then maybe you could tell your boss that you would like to work 5 days per week. You could also say that you want to work fewer hours (less hours) per day, for example, 8 hours per day, not 10 or 12 hours per day. If your employer likes you and likes the work that you do, maybe they will agree to let you work fewer days and fewer hours. Then you will have some free time to clean your room :) :)

February 5, 2015

I work everyday but as it is my business, I don't mind so much. However, I try to build in time into my day to go to the gym, do other things, etc...

February 3, 2015

I liked Armando's comment. It has motivated me give another example.

Here in Brazil we have one of the most high fees of the world. Now the government changed the law about some benefits to the employees, it increased the taxes about new cars, gas, eletricity and others.


Some companies here doesn't pay well its employees and the country is going down the drain.

I agree with Armando when he said that because here we work 8 hours a day at least. Most of Brazillians suffer with bad public transport, traffic. This afternoon I saw the news that politicians have approved a law to enhance their salary. Meanwhile there are no tables and chairs to some kids at schools in Brazil.

February 5, 2015

Our society is the worst thing i've ever seen. Really. We should work max 4-5 hours per day because we have a fucki** life, interests and our studies. I'm studying at the university but i tried to work for 1 year. Is impossible for me. Simply you must choose so, we are not free. I think you made the right thing quitting that job!

February 4, 2015

Thank you !!!
if I keep working at this job, I can't go to family's event, I need to get  colleagues Ok if I want to take a paid holiday. ( it is really feel bad to them, because they say to me "usually You can't take day off and you should know about we will be busy if you take paid holiday) 
if it's my friend's is ridiculous!! don't you think???

I really enjoyed the job...however, My family, my friends are more important in my life.
and especially I have to make me happy by myself.

that's why I quit jobXD

February 4, 2015
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