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Your Experiences with Meditation

Hi italkians (I stole that word from Sophia), I'm looking to find out some information on meditation from people that actually meditate. Things like, how you do it, benefits etc.

3 feb 2015 10:35
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First of all, meditating got no certain rules or techniques, or maybe this is just my own opinion because I hate rules! So I don't want to make "meditating experts" angry of me out there :)

I know that you don't have to sit in a certain way or on a certain rug or say special words!

I have been meditating for the last 23 years, at first I used to practise Yoga, but in the recent years I only concentrate on meditating only. It includes sitting in a quite place and facing a view that makes you calm and breathing deeply even if just for 30 min. until you reach that feeling where you no longer think about your life or what you're going to do, and you only hear your own breathing and feeling so comfortable and lighter. One thing that helps me meditate is fasting and I feel I'm more calm and in the mood to meditate more. Meditating is also one of the excellent things you could do when you wake up in the morning, so don't jump from bed and try to sit for 10 extra minutes and breath deeply before you start your day. It does help to make your day better.

3 februari 2015

Haha Mumtaz thanks a lot for sharing your experiences with me! I hate rules as well, so I'm glad there aren't any. I think I'll give it a shot tomorrow morning for 10 minutes or so when I wake up. I've wanted to incorporate it into my daily routine for a long time now, so hopefully all goes well.

3 februari 2015

I do a lot of calculating, fighting with suppliers and customers in my job. (planning and production). At the same time, I follow stocks. Also, I like playing strategy games. So, my brain is full with numbers, decisions and forecasts. I always think some things, even while I'm on the bed or praying.


I've done mindfulness meditation for 3-4 months. Firstly, I started with counting my breaths. Then I stopped it and focused on breath. I never did Lotus position. But I think It's working. And It makes me relax.

3 februari 2015

While one can not like rules, still some orientation helps understanding what you are doing (posture, dealing with thoughts). 'Mindfulness in plain english' is a good intro about vipassana meditation. Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche has also a nice guide about meditation from a buddhist point of view in 'Joyful wisdom' (loving kindness meditation, and meditation focusing on emotions, senses, etc). I've also like "Everyday zen". You can do what you want ultimately but it's nice to see what different takes people have about sitting.

3 februari 2015

My math teacher in 8th grade made us meditate in class when he thought we had "too much energy". It didn't really help anyone, it just made everyone laugh.


He got fired at the end of the year...

3 februari 2015
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