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Who has the copyright of the text published on italki?

Unfortunaley, I can't remember of the disclaimer. Maybe somebody knows better than me.

I am just wondering, are texts published in one's notebook directly in the copyright of italki or do they remain to the author?

Thank you for helping me.

Feb 3, 2015 1:39 PM
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Publishing Rights
• italki does not own the copyright, and italki does not have the right to resell content you submit.
• italki reserves exclusive First Electronic Rights for the article globally.
• italki has the right to publish and republish the piece on the italki website, e-mail, downloadable file, and any other digital media.
• Articles you submit could also be used in italki marketing materials.
• All articles submitted to italki will give credit to you (the author), and will link to your italki profile page.
italki reserves the right to publish or not publish any content that is submitted.

February 8, 2015

Actually I'm curious and I wish to know as well. So Skarli, if you asked italki team about it, would you please tell us what was their reply?

February 8, 2015

I am deeply concerned about that too!

Lately for like months I've been hesitant whether to publish my "mini novels" here on italki. And I'm not looking forward to seeing them stolen (a.k.a. copied and pasted somewhere else) or uncorrected if I do. 

Thank you skarli, for making it a public awareness, well at least now I know there is someone else giving it a thought also :)

February 5, 2015

That is an interesting question but unfortunately I don't know the answer either and never thought about it. But thinking about it now, I also won't like it if somebody would copy my latest notebook entries, where I wrote half-realistic stories about China's time of the three kingdoms and mixed it with Chinese Gods just because I was inspired by the ballads of my favourite band ManOwaR. I mean, the people could share it as long as they tell the others from where they got it, that is okay. My Chinese has so many mistakes that I won't believe somebody would copy this. But I worry about my English translations of these texts, which I also have to publish here so that my Chinese friends can correct my notebook entries better.


But actually, I guess you are the owner of the text if you write something. Italki can never be the owner, it is just the site where it has been published. Italki doesn't make any money with that and they also don't want to from what I know. If you write something very evil for example, Italki also won't take the risk if you would get in serious trouble with somebody outside of Italki with what you wrote. It all would fall back on you. You are the author and so, from what I understand now, you are also responsible of what you write, just as the Italki policy sais. So if you are responsible for your texts, to me personally it also means that it is your copyright as well. But again, this is all just my guessing until Italki would tell us directly.

February 8, 2015

@skarli You're welcome. Happy to help. :)

February 8, 2015
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