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Which English Accent are you Learning?

Hello English language learners! This is just a curiosity:


For those learning English as a second (or third, fourth, fifth etc) language, have you chosen to model your English after a particular accent?


As a native English speaker with a Canadian accent, I've always preferred other accents (British English, Australian).


Let me know what you think! 

2015년 2월 4일 오전 1:43
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Although I speak with a standard southern British English accent, I don't actually like it that much.  I prefer the soft Lancashire accent or the musical Welsh one.

However, if you are going to invest time and effort in to learning English, the Canadian or American versions are probably more useful.  It's a pity though (in my opinion) that Americans don't speak now as they used to in the films of the 1950s.  I like that accent with its well-pronounced diction, when compared with the sloppy lazy speech of today.

2015년 3월 4일

Not a particular one:)

But i would like to speak Americans accent!!!!

2015년 2월 4일

RP (Received Pronunciation)

2015년 3월 6일

I'm from Mainland China and currently living in Montreal. I'd say it's hard to tell the difference between Canadian accent (Quebeckers not included :P ) and American accent. I've been to New York and Toronto many times...they have very similar accents,only they use different words or expressions in some contexts. 

2015년 3월 5일

I have been learning American English in America. There are so many different accents, of course.

2015년 3월 5일
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