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Do you consider yourself a control freak?

Control freak means a person who feels an obsessive need to exercise control over themselves and others and to take command of any situation.


some people said it is good being controlled but some people said it's not and life become boring. let's share your opinion here!

4 de feb de 2015 4:58
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I am, it's a bad thing, and it gets much worse during times of high stress. Don't be like me.

4 de Febrero de 2015

I think I am, it is something that tires me a lot. :(

4 de Febrero de 2015



Yeah! High five o/

4 de Febrero de 2015

yes, i think it necessary....praticing yourself to control-self is important,because we don't have to obey our's not absolutely true...

4 de Febrero de 2015

Utsuo : we're In the same team!LOL


aegis : i won't to. I like spontaneous 

4 de Febrero de 2015
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