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What led you decide to live in another country? question for those who live away from your homeland.

Hello everyone! I have one question for those who left your country and live abroad for a really long term, which is:


What led you decide to live in another country?


I'm now facing with this one major life decision and would love to have some opinions from "pioneers". My concern is how difficult it will be to live and work as foreigner separately from family. I think it’s always difficult everywhere in the world to get really settled in a foreign country. What would you think what kind of person should/shouldn’t live abroad? What would be necessary?


Here's my dilemma:

I'm 22, originally from Japan and finishing hotel management in bachelor degree at an int'l university in Germany this autumn. It's been already more than 3 years since I came to this country. 

After getting used to Germany a lot in terms of the language, life-style and climate, it is really hard to leave and I love them more than Japanese ones. Japan is very different from here but it's my homeland. I could go back to life there anyway but I don't really want it. However, to be realistic, everyone says and I also believe that I could expect a better position and benefit more if I go back and start my career in Japan as my background is very unusual to them. What I find really important when living away from your country is to have an ability to get paid fairly compared to local people so that you can make a life there on your own. If I won’t be picky, I could do anything for life in Germany but I doubt it’ll be difficult to find such a fair job. In my opinion, loving the second country does not become an enough reason to live there. Or do I concern too much?

(While I’ve been so unsure about my future, my bf left me to be afraid of breaking up after a long time as I might go back to Japan. This makes me think it more necessary to be independent financially and socially. I don't have anyone who can effect my decision.. XD)


Thank you so much for viewing this discussion and any comments would be highly appreciated.



Feb 4, 2015 10:15 PM
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Wow that was alot of info. Well, i was born in germany so scratch the first question. :)


My fathers family emigrated to the US decades ago while my parents went to germany. My mothers family stayed in china so that i was left with a bombastic identity crisis but i consider germany as rather my homecountry since i lived here basically since elementary school.


i already made up my mind to go to china after i finish my mechanical engineering study here in munich to work for a german company (e.g. bmw, vw etc) but now i am beginning to feel uneasy since pollution is increasing and facebook, youtube etc are still blocked..


@mika: before you decide anything, pls consider the legal aspects first. do you have a living/working-permit for germany? does it have a time limit? is it okay to only see your family perhaps once a year? can you afford life in a foreign country?


i can guarantee you one thing. if you have a boyfriend in japan and you are staying in germany for 6+ months without seeing him during this time then your relationship is doomed with a chance of 80%. i am sorry but trust me :(

(personal experience and countless of my others friends)

February 4, 2015
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