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How about translation?

Hello! I am Vanesa and I am studying English and starting with German.


I want to talk about something that I think that is very interesting. Translation.

I would like to be a translator in the future and in my career I have started with a little bit of this subject. But I have a lot of doubts, questions and some discussions about this topic.


First of all, I want to talk about the basics of translation. What do you need to be a good translator? Well, obviously, proficiency in languages, good dictionaries, etc...

For what I am asking about is for something more, how do I know if I have make a good translation? In which points I have to focus?


I am not sure if the "history of translation" is important for people who are starting, I think that it will be better to learn strategies of translation, for instance, how to deal with some words that seem untranslatable, or with a text that you don't even know the structure, or how to make a text fluent.


It is strange, but for me (native Spanish speaker) is easier to translate a text from Spanish into English than in English into Spanish. Perhaps it is because I am more careful with the structures in English, and in Spanish for me everything sounds good.


I would like to hear the opinion of other people and other learners, and also I will thank all the tips and pieces of advice about translation.


Best regards.



Feb 4, 2015 11:06 PM
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