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The structure of the session

I wanted to ask people who learn Russian or other languages: in your opinion what is the best structure of a lesson/session? 


I understand that it depends on the goal of a student very much. But anyway I'm interested in your thoughts about this topic :)

Feb 5, 2015 1:24 PM
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Any interesting topic Marina, here are some of my thoughts on teaching via Skype (plus notes from my 3 years of EFL teaching at University). 


The main thing to consider is the learning style(s) of your student - most students like visual aids, e.g. a text or some form of WORD document. 


My general structure for a 45 minute lessons is:

1. Review previous homework and check understanding of key vocabulary

2. Ask questions about the topic (again, to check understanding)

3. Student feedback 

4. Introduce new topic (relevant to the student's needs) 

5. Check understanding (and pronunciation) of key vocabulary

6. Main Task (related to the topic and one of the four skills)

7. Set homework (follow-on activity or recap from the main task) 

This is rough idea but the main points are:

Checking understanding through demonstration and concept checking questions.

Making the topic/task relevant to the student's level - not too difficult; not too easy.  

Hope that all makes sense :)  

February 5, 2015

Thank you, Tony, for your thoughts and advices! I find them useful and reasonable :)

February 6, 2015
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