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The yellow parts are my doubt, could anybody answer them

(The intercom buzzes.)
Monica: Hey. It's him. (On the intercom) Who is it?
Alan: (on the intercom) It's Alan.
Joey: (shouting to Chandler) Chandler! He's here!
(Chandler comes in, dripping wet.)

(This is the writer:Could I change the word on into over?)

(Alan is Monica's new friend, now she's introducing him to all of her friends)

Monica: Hi. Alan, this is everybody. Everybody, this is Alan.
Alan: Hi.
All: Hi, Alan.
Alan: I've heard schho much about all you guyschh!
(Everyone laughs.)
[Time lapse, Alan is leaving.]
Monica: (to Alan) Thanks. I'll call you tomorrow. (Alan exits, to all) Okay. Okay, let's let the Alan-bashing begin. Who's gonna take the first shot, hmm?
Monica: C'mon!
Ross: ...I'll go. Let's start with the way he kept picking at- no, I'm sorry, I can't do this, can't do this. We loved him.
All: Loved him! Yeah! He's great!

(This is the writer:I can't get the Phrase pick at in the scene)

Monica: Wait a minute! We're talking about someone that I'm going out with?
All: Yeah!
Rachel: And did you notice...? (She spreads her thumb and index finger.)
The Guys: (reluctantly) Yeah.
Joey: Know what was great? The way his smile was kinda crooked.
Phoebe: Yes, yes! Like the man in the shoe!(This is the writer:What nursery rhyme, have never heard about that)
Ross: ...What shoe?
Phoebe: From the nursery rhyme . There was a crooked man, Who had a crooked smile, Who lived in a shoe, For a... while...'

(Dubious pause.)

Feb 5, 2015 3:52 PM
Comments · 2

Yes, you can say "over the intercom" -- it's a very common expression in New York City. That is an adverbial phrase.. similar to the more sophisticated phrase "via the intercom." On the other hand, the phrase "on the intercom" is more like a location.

February 6, 2015

1.  No you can't really change "on" to over even though it seems like you should be able to.  We hear people on the radio, on the tele, and on the intercom - we don't use over.


2. "picking at" - means to be picky, annoying, going after little details.  Repeatedly doing something (in this case verbally) and being persistent.


3. Yes it is a nursery rhyme but it is an old woman who lives in a shoe, see here  I think they are making a mistake on purpose - Phoebe is making this up as you can see by the end phrase "dubious pause"


Hope this helps

February 5, 2015
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