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Petite Fleur
Test of English

I took these two test of English (30 minutes)
and my resoults are  "Your level is C2 in grammar and listening"( WTF O_o )

Of course,  I know that this is not true, but it made me happy for a moment.
Here is the link
Please share your results.

5 feb 2015 23:52
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I took that test some months ago and my grade was also C2. Hahaha

6 febbraio 2015

They have some great resources on that site. However, the test results are  a rough guide only!

6 febbraio 2015

I don't believe this if there something or someone to disturb you. 

6 febbraio 2015

My results are:


Level of English Grammar/Vocabulary: A2

Test your Level of English Listening: B2

6 febbraio 2015
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