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How to choose between "bon" and "bien" in french

 How to use "bon" and "bien"


This is a confusing topic for students but basicallly it's not that difficult

"Bon" generally means "good".

"Bien" generally means "well".

"Bon" and "good" are adjectives (used with nouns).

He is a GOOD writer. / C'est un BON ecrivain.


"Bien" and "well" are adverbs (used with verbs).

He writes WELL. /Il écrit BIEN.


Sometimes in English, "good" or "well" are both used in the same context:

I'm doing GOOD. / I'm doing WELL. = Je vais bien.

If "good" can be replaced by "well" in your sentence, then you have to use « BIEN » in French.


How to use "meilleur" and "mieux"

Now that you are an expert about how to use "bon" and "bien", it will be very easy to understand how to use "meilleur" and "mieux"... both mean "better" or "best"!


"Meilleur" is used as a superlative or comparative for "bon".

He is a GOOD writer = C'est un BON écrivain

He is the best writer = C'est le meilleur écrivain

He is writes better books than anybody = Il écrit de meilleurs livres que quiconque


"Mieux" is used as a superlative or comparative for "bien".

He writes well = Il écrit BIEN

He writes better than me = il écrit MIEUX que moi

He writes the best = il écrit LE MIEUX


Thank to Jack for the correction in my English :)

Feb 6, 2015 4:19 AM
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Wow! Merci beaucoup Eric! This is very useful to me.

February 6, 2015

Thanks for this useful clarification.

February 6, 2015
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