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Terrance Thomas
Should education be free?

Education I believe is what pushes humanity forward. The standard of living for people all around the world has increased due to innovation. The innovation that we see everyday is a direct result of education. Should governments around the world allow citizens to have free education from primary school all the way to university? What are the pros and cons of such situation? Consider the mass numbers of people that would transition from blue collar jobs to white collar positions. Consider the tax increases that would result in over populated schools and the cost of transportation. Any nation that wants to be more competitive in the international arena needs a more educated population. Is free education the key to poverty? Tell me what you think.. . . 

2015년 2월 6일 오전 6:09
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I should have been a blue collar, It is a hard question including me who is a blue collar person.

It would lose many thing invisible. I could not understand why can not fall in love with a girl who I love.

Then I knew they did not see hope on my body. They just wish that could kill me.

You know I like singing but I can not singing among workers. I dare not show my aesthesis in front of them because that is not their tone. But I found it also on my mind indeed. I escaped from educational system. But they think I am especially and strange that I dont know what happen too. Perhaps different experience influence my part of brain that they could feel differently too but they still choose regular thing. Now I am not belonging to both of them and still choose work by my hand alone and singing what I like freely.

2015년 2월 6일
Terrance Thomas
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