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Test on Date: 12/23 Dear all, 

We have started a beta test on <a href=""></a> . If you want to know the latest about italki, please visit the link. The accessing account name is italkiguest, with guest177 as its password.

The layout of the site on new is differrent from what you can see on <a href=""></a>. And there are two most important services we want members to test, 1) Language Teachers, 2) Language Index.

1) Language Teachers
If you want to teach online and earn some extra cash, please apply to become our teachers on After italki confirms your application, you will be able to:

-Create your own teaching profile with details about your education and teaching experience
-Post your own courses and lessons on italki
-Have students book for your lessons online and get paid by the students after the lesson is completed.

2)Language Index
There are dramatic improvements for Language Index. If you click on Language Index, and then select the language you want to teach or learn, you will find a great variety of language resourses including videos, podcasts, documents, language teachers and language partners.
Dec 23, 2008 10:01 AM
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I have too an advice and its, please update the chating software of the italki becouse its too load,responding every time"error in server" so have change it inot  software lighter than this,which even can open at the lower speed connections.
January 15, 2009
i agree to Bluesky !
January 10, 2009
I agree to queen! I hope you could provide a blocking sytem. 
January 9, 2009
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