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Lumen's lyrics

Hello guys!


I'll talk about the Russian rock band called Lumen.


I knem them through a friend of mine who is their fan. When I started listen to their songs I realize how cool is Russian language's speaking. Since then, I decided learn to sing the songs and try to understand them, but, to be honest, it's been being pretty hard so far, because I couldn't find translations that make sense and I don't have any knowledge at all.

In this moment, I'm focused on the song called Сам.

Here's the lyrics:


Прямо в пропасть посылаю небеса... Все вопросы, все надежды, ну а там... Поперек алмазных искр - самолет оставил шрам Словно небо зачерпнул - разбирайся сам...
Все получат - поделом и по делам! Мое дело - Паруса (ведь ты в словах) Петь о том как легок путь, если он ведет к мечтам! И бросать тех кто пошел, разбирайся сам...
Кто сотворил другим добра Совсем чуть чуть, хотя бы грамм Не от того что двигал страх Кипеть у бесов по котлам Нашел ответы все в любви И этим мерил каждый час Не ожидая что потом За это кто-нибудь воздаст
Мало таких, но они есть Значит, есть место чудесам Скалится равнодушный мир Разбирайся сам...
Небо прислало мне ответ Не голоса, а полоса... Шрамом сквозь ночь темнеет там Разбирайся сам


Here's the youtube weblink:


For those who are learning this beautiful language, do you have this same problem? How often do you use lyrics understanding to learn Russian? And for those who speak already, could you help me to understand the main meaning of this song and say whether there's a implicit context on it, please?


Thank you!

Feb 6, 2015 10:04 AM
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I was a fan of this band for a long period of time.

But I need to say that their lyric is full of metaphors. For example " самолет оставил шрам ". Usually the word шрам means " scar " but here it is told about the aircraft exhaust...and so on. I 'm not sure that learning Russian using songs especially of this kind is a good idea. May be for pronounciation it is good enough but not for understanding the sense. On the other hand if you have a language partner who speaks russian and who will help you to understand - it is a good practice as it is much more interesting than boring gramma. 

If you'd like I can try to translate the song opening the metaphoric sense...

Good luck+)


February 10, 2015

I like this group too, at least exist  5 songs which I like in lyric Lumen).

About learning russian, if you mean speech better try speak with native speaker who know English too, if you mean write - here you should be very patient? because it could be really hard for foreghner, not every russian write good unfortunately.

Good luck!






February 8, 2015

I`m native Russian speaker. I say you that it`s not very helpful to learn language (especially such a rich and complex as Russian) using lyrics. There are a lot of idioms and stuff like that. You should pick up some songs with very easy (stupid?) lyrics.

Talking about this song - the main meaning is smth like "Do it yourself, everything is up to you".

February 6, 2015
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