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What does "have the smoke"mean

[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, everyone is mopping around and eating ice cream.]
Rachel: Remember when we went to Central Park and rented boats?.. That was fun.
Ross: Yeah. He could row like a Viking .
Monica: (entering) Hi.
All: Mmm.
Ross: So how'd it go?
Monica: Oh, y'know..
Phoebe: Did he mention us?
Monica: He said he's really gonna miss you guys. (dubious look)
Ross: You had a rough day, huh.. c'mere. (She sits down and Ross strokes her forehead.)
Chandler: ...That's it. I'm getting cigarettes.
All: No no no!
Chandler: (leaving) I don't care, I don't care! Game's over! I'm weak! I've gotta smoke! I've gotta have the smoke !(this is the writer:Mon just broke with Alen who all her friends liked pretty much, and it was Alen who successfully get Chandler to quit smoking)

6. Feb 2015 15:36
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Its informal language for the fact he needs to smoke a cigarette. I remember this episode. Chandler was being pressured to give up smoking and he was about to give in and then Phoebe offers him 6000 dollars not to smoke :)

6. Februar 2015
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