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Kevin Reinstein
Memorizing the pronunciation of words

Because one difficulty of any language learner is memorizing the correct pronunciation, I thought of an idea to memorize vocabulary by words that rhyme based on a word the learner knows in confidence. 


Has anyone else used this method to memorize pronunciation? 

7. Feb 2015 15:32
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Sam - I have just started Fluent Forever; I am 50 pages in. I don't want to make a judgement only a fraction through the book, but I will say I really enjoyed Fluent in 3 Months by Benny Lewis. Thank you very much for these resources, I appreciate it. 

18. März 2015

Yes, I teach it this way. I either give a few common words that rhyme, or I make a full sentence to highlight the sound they should learn, eg. "At work, the third word is bird." It really helps to connect words!

7. Februar 2015

I think Linkword works much better than what Peach describes:


And here's what I think about Fluent in Three Months:


18. März 2015

The website is also a good resource for learning how words are pronounced. I make vocabulary flashcards using the program Anki, using audio downloaded from Forvo. It's very helpful in remembering pronunciation. (I learned this technique from the book Fluent Forever, which I highly recommend). 

17. März 2015
It's my native language. Besides this, check out IPA pronunciation online for better grasp of native pronunciations.
19. Dezember 2016
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