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simple Essay

Hey everyone I hope you be ok  ...


I have a question :  how I write simple essay ?


Feb 7, 2015 11:22 PM
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an essay has an

- Introduction ( you need a thesis statment about your topic)

- 3 body paragraphs ( 3 main points with sub-points to back it up)

- and a conclusion that sums up the essay 

February 7, 2015

Hey everyone I hope that you are ok ...

I have a question : how do I write a simple essay ?

February 7, 2015


When in doubt, there is a kind of "folksy" rule that gets passed around in the United States, and surprisingly, this old rule works when we feel puzzled. The Rule Goes Like this

(as a Rule---of---Three).

#1 Tell people what you are going to tell them.

#2 Tell people what you need to tell them.

#3 Tell people what you just told them.

That may sound silly, but sometimes, it just works.






February 8, 2015

For example, the subject of POLLUTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT would pertain to

Science & Technology which measures it.

The subject would also involve Moral Questions as to harming

living things, Law because many countries have laws against it,

and History because there is a History of mankind's awareness of the problem.]

This shows you how you can have several categories of interest about your subject, and you can have three facts

obtained regarding each category, more or less.

Now you can begin to look at the organization of your facts.

A simple sentence or word is enough to make a reference to some fact.

At this point, you will be ready to start writing out some details.

Here it may be of help to start with the HISTORY of your subject.

It is easy to find facts about the HISTORY of a subject.


Books about many subjects are reviewed on websites

such as This is a wonderful way to find

excellent facts about a subject and to find phrasing that

you can use in your own sentences.

From your searches in library books, and magazines

and journals, you should be able to find excellent quotations

from experts on your subject. Provide the information

about where the quotation is from, just like it is indicated

in your source.

(This is a general outline that should help you get started.)

February 8, 2015

Step #4 Look for anything written on your subject which informs you about any conflicts or controversies

about your subject in history.



Step #4 Follow the RULE-----OF-----THREE.

As you begin creating an outline, try to obtain three (3) facts about every aspect of your subject.

You will begin to see how your subject exists in human experience

as to the Categories:



(a) Science & Technology

(b) Philosophy (Logic, Moral Questions, Metaphysical Speculation)

(c) Law/ Government/ Politics

(d) Theology (study of God/Spirit)

(e) History

(f) (Arts such as literature, music, painting,

dance and performing, etc)

February 8, 2015
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