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What does the red part mean, thank you forehand

Rachel: (to a pregnant Leslie) Look at you, you are so big I can't believe it!
Leslie: I know. I know! I'm a duplex .


Monica: We thought since Phoebe was staying over tonight we'd have kinda like a slumber party thing. We got some trashy magazines, we got cookie dough , we got Twister ... (The phone rings and Monica answers it.)
Phoebe: Ooh! Ooh! And I brought Operation ! But, um, I lost the tweezers , so we can't operate. But we can prep the guy!


apron is the piece of clothing that cover below your waist or the front of your whole body in America?

Feb 8, 2015 11:50 AM
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The part about "I lost the tweezers, so we can't operate. But we can prep the guy!" is some kind of a joke, and does not actually sound like anything girls would say, seriously, in real life.

A "prep" may or may not involve shaving the hair on the lower body. It is embarrassing if you aren't expecting it. When people talk about a "prep" for an operation, this is sometimes what they mean.

Here it is just a joke--there is nothing you could do with an "Operation" game set that would resemble a "prep." The idea of the joke is "if we can't actually perform surgery on the guy, we can at least shave him."

February 8, 2015

Hi Eva,

You will get more responses if you post questions like these in the "Answers" section of Italki.  But I'll answer your question here :)


A duplex is a kind of apartment.  So Leslie is just exaggerating and saying something like "I'm as big as a house" or in this case, an apartment.


"Prep" stands for prepare.  When someone is going to have an operation, the nurses prepare him/her in advance.  So these ladies are going to play a (famous) board game called "Operation" where you have to take out the tiny body parts of a guy with little tweezers.* But since she lost the tweezers, they can only "prep" him. 


* []


And in the U.S., an apron can be the waist down type, or the whole body type.  We have only one word for both.

February 8, 2015

However, aren't they playing a board game called Operation. And I guess the patient is Sam the man drawed on the paper sheet. So I actually don't think that makes any sense

February 9, 2015

I meant I just have no idea about what they actually do when prepping a patient

February 8, 2015

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm just out of the two opportunities to post in the question section.

February 8, 2015
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