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Do you listen to podcasts to improve your language? Could you umagine listening to a non-native podcast?

Do you listen to podcasts in order to improve your language skills? Would you consider listening to a podcast, although it is created by a non-native speaker?
Listening to podcasts is a real passion of mine. I am an English learner and therefore, I am almost exclusively listening to English podcasts.
I have been learning English for a while, but rather by just listening or reading. I have the intention to set up a podcast for language learners. Well, in fact my target is to become more fluent. Creating a podcast would definitely motivate me to reach this goal. On the other hand, the podcast should encourage the listener being more creative and becoming part of the podcast. I would also provide the listener with my language tips. I know there are already lots of language podcasts out there. But I think I have nothing to lose. Perhaps there are some italki tutors, who would help me out. I could take lessons with them and they could correct some of my errors.
I am wondering what you guys are thinking about it.

Feb 8, 2015 11:58 AM
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That sounds like a great idea. You might also consider doing a podcast in German.. maybe even Swiss German.

February 14, 2015

I do listen to podcasts to learn new words. I would listen to a podcast of yours because you sound like a truly passionate learner.

February 8, 2015

That's a good idea, skarli! This will definitely help you improve and we, italki users, will follow and support you.

Yes, there are probably lots of podcasts in the Net run by native-speakers. But, as podpasts are your passion, you already know how to do a good and fascinating one. Besides, the fact you're a non-native speaker, will differ you from everyone else. Actually, you can even make it the main thing in your podcast. You could invite native speakers to join in and run the podcast with him. He'll be correcting your mistakes and give useful tips. It'll be like a public lesson. And people love learning from other people's mistakes:)

Anyway, good luck to you and keep us updated about your progress!

February 8, 2015

And by the way I am already at episode 10. To be honest -I am a bit proud.

Feel free to listen to episode 10.  it is about reading out a text to improve my speaking English.

You are very welcome to give feedback.

July 25, 2016

I finally started out with a few episodes. They are very amateurish. But in my view the most important thing is to start out!

Check out for the first 7 episodes. I underestimated the whole thing. It's not only the language which is a struggle but also all the technical things that come up when podcasting! And the main problem is the lack of time !


May 22, 2016
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