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i tell you a stroy about one of my colleague,rose, a lovely slim girl always wear smile on her face in our office. one autumn day before weekend,  our company gave every employee a big box of apple as a kind of welfare.just as we did, rose toke the apples back her home to share with her boyfriend. rose did not much like to eat apple but her boyfriend did. as seeing her boyfriend chew a red apple nosily with satisfied she feel jealous.then she picked up one, gave a bite and stared to him finished another one.she fell not fair and could not stand that she made a diagram with two columns,on the top of one column wrote her name and the other with her boyfriend's.after sticking  the diagram on the back of their room door.she smiled and told her boyfriend that whoever ate one apple must make a mark in the column under one's name.having guessed what was in her mind the boy nodded with naughty big smile on his face.after that day,the apple event moved smoothly.they all followed the rule and made a mark in one's column before ate a apple.two week later,rose found something wrong  when she had supper with her bf and gave an glance at her apple chart .in her column there were 16 marks and there were 16 marks in her boyfriend's either.she knew that she did not ate apple every day.she looked at the face of her bf just fond some kind of smile she did not familiar. in a sudden she understood what had happened:it must be that her boyfriend ate apples and made marks in her column.before she wanted to see something about that,her bf  said:"i just can not help to help you with the yammy apples,dear". their stared at eachother eyes for several seconds.then bursted into laugh at the same time happily.


peter mu

Dec 24, 2008 3:38 AM
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good story I gues the conclusion for this story is : love is :  telling  to your bf/gf that you are right even he/she is wrong . this is my personal opinion
December 28, 2008
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