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what is real meaning of understanding...........

i have friends and have a sweet comunity but i have a proud i have lot of understanding for them but i was wrong so i want too khow what is the meaning of understanding

Feb 9, 2015 1:35 PM
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  Some ideas require clarification.


  What wrong was done?


  Otherwise,  "understanding" generally refers to the ability  to see  how difference situations or different concepts  appear to different people.


   For example, I can understand how some people might enjoy my company, whereas others would not.


 I can understand   how some people might  find meaning  in Goya's  painting "The Third of May"  and how some other people might find no meaning at all in it.


  I can understand how some people might want just for someone to listen to them talk about a subject, and I can also understand how some people will have no  interest at all in listening to another person talk about a subject.


   It may be said generally, that a large portion of humanity   "understand" themselves quite well.

They "know"  what they think.  They "know" what they feel; but they may have no conception at all regarding what other people   think or feel.


   A mind that can understand is a mind marked by high intelligence.

February 9, 2015
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