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The oppression of Valentine's Day and other days.


I know this day's historical story and importance.

But these days are endless.


New Year
Valentine's Day
Wedding Anniversary
Dating Anniversary
Mother's Day
Engagement anniversary


Women always wait new gifts and surprises from us.
Is it possible ? Every year, doing this.

Feb 9, 2015 8:40 PM
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I don't celebrate any of these "special" days and anniversaries because for me they're so boring! You could give a gift and it'll be forgotten 5 minutes later; so they're not the gifts that bring people closer to each other, there's nothing special in giving a gift when it's expected and required, because it would be more like a duty and it turns us to robots, these things should be spontaneous to mean something and in any day of the year. The way I see it, these anniversaries are increasing while real romantic feelings are decreasing and gifts shops are the real winners.

February 10, 2015

I sympathize with you man. I'm not a fan of gift giving either. But there's no way we are going to change it, unfortunately :(

February 10, 2015

Actually, I married and I don't think which gift i will buy. Because my wife buy her gifts by herself :)


@Daniele, we don't celebrate Christmas. But we celebrate Gregorian New Year. For Ramadan and Sacrifice Feast, buying new clothes every family member is common tradition.


I think If I wouldn't married, it would be easy. Because I had a gift list. Like ; 1- Cd 2-Perfume 3- Clothes ...

And every new girlfriend, I restarted my list.  :p



February 10, 2015

It would never end until you go and talk about it with your girl. Not all women like gifts and surprises on special days. There are lots who don`t. And if you are done with it you just can talk with your girlfriend about it stating the reasons why you dislike it (financial instability, luck of free time for choosing the gifts etc)

February 10, 2015


 Today is friendship day Now where is my gift?!

February 9, 2015
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