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What is the difference between use those adjectives?



I have a question. I don't know the difference between use the adjective historical and use the adjective historic. And I don't ever know the difference between use the adjective classic and the adjective classical.


Is there someone who can help me?


thanks a lot!!!



Feb 10, 2015 10:45 AM
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We use the adjective historic to describe something that is very important in history.


That goal he scored was an historic moment in his football career.


We use the adjective historical to describe anything in the past, whether it is important or not.


I would like to read an historical novel about World War 2. 


Hope this helps 



February 10, 2015

They are both adjectives, the adverb being historically. Historic tends to be used of a place and historical more generally. Hampton Court is a historic building for example. I am a historian so send me a message, Myriam.  

February 10, 2015

 It appears to be a historic question.  Whether historical or hysterical we can examine the issue.


   There are historic  subjects, and those with historical interests  will attend to the issues if they are wise.   There  is discipline in this matter.  Perhaps a historical website will help.


  This many not be a historic comment however. None of mine are.  My comments will not be found in the archives of any historical society; but this may indeed be a historic moment.


 Make note therefore if you cite history, because the historical evidence  I present may be of great interest.   History may little note what  we say here, but it cannot forget what  brave people have done in their self-sacrificing efforts.   As U. S. President  Franklin D. Roosevelt said, in a historic moment;  "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."


   I examine historical documents sometimes,  to see what historic events are recorded in them.




February 10, 2015
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