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about Damascus - Syria

About my country :

There's many interesting things about it , actually I'm not interneted in history but I can remember some : Damascus is the capital of Syria , it's the oldest city in all world , alot and huge wars happened here and also many old prophets and great warriors are buried here  .

 there's seven old cultures buried under Syria too , So every little period we just discover some old ruins who back to a specific era or sometimes we find a great mine of gold so that we should have alot of museums . but the problem here that we still don't have enough technology to keep such things so that we send it to another modern country or just sell it ( I really hate that ), however, the climate here is very very nice , always we feel comfortable with fresh air , but it will be hot especially in few hot days of summer season in central cities . 

 Most people here are Muslims and there's also Christians but fewer, and there are a few small groups of other religions.

...please correct my mistakes in language...

Feb 11, 2015 10:16 PM
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