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How to improve the ability of rephrasing a reading material?

Hi, everyone, I run into a problem in my English study.

While I can speak some basic English, such as talk about a daily topic, express my own idea, when it comes to rephrasing, I do not know how to discribe the reading or listening material in my own language. 

Does anyone know how to practice for this problem, and improve the reprasing ability?

Thank you in advance!


12 feb 2015 00:49
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When paraphrasing, repeating or summarizing something you have read or heard, it is important to understand the main idea so that you don't get stuck on the details. Once you understand the big picture, you can summarize the details ''in your own words''. You can try to catch the most important words or concepts and reuse them in your summary. You can practice with small articles or by summarizing commercials or short videos. This is helpful not only to learn how to rephrase things but also a great excercise to expand your vocabulary with synomyns and alternate expressions and words. :)

12 febbraio 2015

Hi, Sandrah, thank you for your suggestion!  I can generally full understand the main idea of what I read or heared, but when it comes to organize or rephrase, I find it is diffcult to talk about it in a fluent and accurate way. Maybe your advice of using commercials or short videos is helpful, and I will try it when I have time. Thank you again!

12 febbraio 2015
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