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Marketing for Valentine’s Day

Every year, Valentine’s Day arrives and provides opportunities for people to celebrate their relationships (or lack thereof). That drives sales significantly, as customers are spending a ton of money to try and win love. In fact, according to Practical eCommerce, the average male will spend up to $130 on presents for this holiday. If you can get in the marketing game early enough, you’ll be able to bring in new customers for this holiday. But what can you do to advertise for Valentine’s Day?

Offer gift ideas

One of the best ways to get people on board buying your products or services for Valentine’s Day is to present it as a great gift. Most of your customers don’t know what to get for their significant other, just that they have to come up with something. Presenting your products or services as a great gift in your marketing will work wonders. You can use billboards and print ads, or you can just post to Facebook. By creating a video advertisement, you can get it to easily start spreading on social media, allowing for almost free advertising. These kinds of online forms of advertising are also going to be helpful for your affiliates who are trying to bring in more business for you through pay per call. Though they can also create their own advertisements, sometimes you’ll get more success if you control your own advertising.

Those with no significant others

Though you’ll have a good number of customers looking to buy gifts for their significant others during the Valentine’s Day holiday, you’ll also have people who are disgusted by the whole holiday. Rather than ignoring them and only focusing on part of your audience, you can easily advertise to the un-Valentine’s day crowd. Try making a funny video that plays on the “fake holiday.” A little humor can go a long way to bringing in more business. Though this kind of advertising can be tricky for some companies heavily invested in the holiday, such as jewelry companies, it will help most businesses bring in more customers.

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Feb 12, 2015 5:43 AM
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wow, I have never known guys spent so much on V-day. But dont take women wrongly, some of us cares about gifts, but this doesnt mean we only care about expensive gifts. For me, a bunch of flower and a card can also be sweet enough.

Indeed some festivals are too commecial now. But on the other hand, celebrations create happiness and romance, it also make lovers closer and life more beautiful.

February 12, 2015
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