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Hello to everyone :)

I want to learn english and I'm looking for partner who help me practise english. I was very thanful that person who agree be my partner. The Lithuanian language is my native language and can teach Lithuanian language. :)

12. Feb 2015 14:15
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I'm also looking for a language partner to practice English. Would you join with me?
19. Oktober 2019
I can try to talk with you. My level a2/b1
19. Oktober 2019
Looking partner for the same reason let me know if we could help each other out...Cheers
19. Oktober 2019
Bolivia is one of the best places where you can learn Spanish. Cause, Bolivia is the heart of America. If you want I can help you.
19. Oktober 2019

You were close Elena. The last sentence should read though


"The Lithuanian language is my native language ("language" not optional here) and I can teach you Lithuanian."

25. Februar 2015
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