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why chinese like eating apples in chrismas eve?     Yestoday,i saw some people bought some apples as a gift for their friends and relatives,i just dont know why.can somebody tell me the reason?do the other countries have this custom?
25 déc. 2008 09:06
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You are welcome.
25 décembre 2008
hmmm .. lovely tradition .. i never saw something like that!
25 décembre 2008
thanks.your answer is great.
25 décembre 2008

I think giving apples as the gifts is just China's unique custom. "Christmas Eve" in Chinese, its pronunciation is "ping an ye" (“ping an” in Chinese means safe and healthy). “Apple” is “ping guo". The first letter are both “ping”.  In addition, eating apples are good for people's health . So Chinese choose "Apple" as the symbol of safe and auspiciousness.  Give your friends and family this gift that wishes them safe and happy in the next year!

25 décembre 2008
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