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What would you do if you were 21, and feeling the torch of your dreams & ambitions is fading away ?!!
Feb 12, 2015 9:23 PM
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When you dream you can't just see what's around in the present time, you have to look forward to see your dreams and goals accomplished. When you feel the torch of your dreams and ambitions are fading away, that might be happening because you're looking too much to your current situation.

So look forward, dare to dream, make plans, set goals and go after your dreams and goals.

That might be not as easy as it sounds but I think having faith is important.

February 12, 2015

Thanks for everyone for your kind words & advices (except for Mr.Aegis's comment which I didn't get what he meant by it), this was just something that I've never expected to happen to me, I mean: already!! this isn't what's supposed to happen to a 21 y.o young man, anysway, taking a break seems the right option, to clear my head, and then hopefully lots of butterflies (dreams) show up and the torch ignites more than ever :)

Wish me luck!!

February 14, 2015

I like to think of your question like this.... Pretend there is a butterfly. This butterfly represents your dreams and ambitions. What would you do to catch butterfly? Would you chase it with open fists and try to claw it out of the sky? If you do, you run the risk of the butterfly flying away and avoiding you. However, if you practice patience and relax and place out your palm calmly, it is possible that the butterfly will land on your hand. It is not guarantee and sometimes the butterfly will leave regardless of what you do. However, you choose the second option you may see other beautiful things around you and it will not be important if the butterfly returns. Keep in mind that at some point in your life you will cross paths will another butterfly and that one may take to you.

I believe this is true because it is very hard to find someone who has lived their whole life and have not had butterfly land on them at some point in time. If you live in region without butterflies substitute it for another beautiful animal or creature. My point is, don't be afraid if your interests and passions change at 21 years of age because you will develop new ones. Sometimes it is helpful to "take a break" from chasing your dreams so you may catch your breath and just be human till your inspiration to become something else strikes again.

February 13, 2015

You're so young and have so many years ahead of you. If you feel like your dreams are fading away, remember that you still have plenty of time to go after them.


Is there something about your present situation that is preventing you from achieving your goals? Maybe you need to take a break and not stress over the future.

February 13, 2015

You can't live only dreams. It is necessary to fulfil dreams! And you never lose the faith. That's really important, because the faith makes us happier :)

February 12, 2015
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