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applying the job

I want to apply the job in the meat factory. I can sent my CV but i do not know how to say properly and politely on the phone. Telling the human resource I have experience and hope to get the interview. Could you give me some example or suggestion?

13 de feb de 2015 11:33
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Thanks, Badshah. But does anyone have experience of applying the job on the phone and leave messeage on the machine? I want to know more detail, if you can post the whole messagefor apply the job, that will be great. 

13 de Febrero de 2015

hmm u need to be political now. just leave a message by saying that i have sent u my CV but still i am worried that u recieved it or the one who has experience 1,2,3, skill is me so plz do consider me in the initial screening.. 


what the HR will think??....definitely he is not gonna take the blame that u have sent ur cv but his/her system is not getting it..

13 de Febrero de 2015

Thanks, Ayman. But i want to know how to introduce myself on the answering machine because HR sometime does not answer the phone and gets too many letters. I need the example of leaving the messenge on the machine which let HR can ring me back.

13 de Febrero de 2015

Dear Ken,

First of all, you need to come down and keep focusing on what to say, in order to give your response in the right way.

If you have not contact the HR at that factory and will write to apply for the concerning joy, you can write in your cover letter: My skills and experience match your requirments (precisely). / I have the demanded skills you seek, (here you can start mentioning your skills which they sought after)....

Finally, you can state Looking forward to hearing from your soon 

Hope I could help you further.

Break a let!


13 de Febrero de 2015
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