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Embarrassments after u come to China

When some foreigners doing business/immigrate into or have a trip in China, they have met with some embarrassments while communicating with Chinese due to culture differences. Do u think so? (Better to use true example to explain.)

Dec 25, 2008 4:57 PM
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I met a friend from Japan last year.when he across a road with triffic light.He must wait untill the light turn to green.then I called him across fast,he smiled and said just one minute.I can not understand it but I respect his behave.I never thought that this behave like a mad.we must realize we  live in different culture and civilization.If something look like strange,why don't you try to understand but remark first?
December 29, 2008
thank you, ceci!
December 27, 2008

Hello, ANNA SI
  Thanks for your answer!
  I am not doubtful about the good relationship between us and those foreigners. I just want to know much more about the culture difference. For example,on the street or in the shop, two Chinese persons with same sex often walk arm in arm or embrace shoulders. This close physical contact is just a gesture of friendship. however, if we did the same act on foreign colleagues, they may feel ...    Friendship is based on mutual understand and respect. I would appreciate that Italki's friends can give me some lessons about the difference. 
 Thank you!

December 27, 2008
this is hard to avoid. differet culture and differet backgrouds make it.
December 27, 2008

Yes,I think so.A friend of mine she is from other foreign country,when she come china ,she can not believe and understand about our culture,especially the culture for eating,not AA but this time i treat u ,the other time u treat me.....or sometimes chinese people 's "no" not means no.....

December 26, 2008
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